A Thank You note

If there is something I wrote which you have an opinion against, hold it to yourself for the benefit of us both, really. But if it is uncontainable, then let it out carefully as if you are pulling a sword out for the first time and dip its tip in honey. I cannot really gauge the audience that my words might reach. Some of you could be educators, teachers, professors and perhaps even scholars. Therefore I am a nobody compared to you. If I happened to express something that is politically-incorrect, Islamically-unacceptable, or offensive in any way or form, then please, by all means, inform me. I’m not a person who is allergic to being corrected. In fact I thank you really, for telling me where I stand in knowledge. SubhanAllah it humbles me down. So thank you.

However, in a case where I have responded to you by explaining, re-instating my humble non-worthy views, and it happens to be that you have indeed misinterpreted my words, then do not remove your comment(s) for it would make both of us look foolish. I try my best to speak up to the extent where I am best allowed to, for I am no professional- just an on-looker of the affairs of the world who just happens to have a blog. Therefore forgive me if I’ve ever somehow crossed the line on those grounds where I am seen under-qualified to speak out or have a say in. I am not free from faults, you must know that. But we can agree easily together and with each other on things which are clear, right? Simple. If you are so easily disturbed by another person’s stand that does not conform to your ideals that you are quick to promote his extermination, if you find that you are hasty in wanting to admonish that person publicly for a view you are strongly against, then please can you tell me who your Teacher is? Because mine taught me to be tolerant and kind, and to only speak when it is the Truth and to speak out when Truth is being attacked, molested and distorted. Feel free to express your opinions which differ from mine, but do not leave me hanging there after a lengthy explanation have been patiently and painstakingly written especially for your sake. Don’t remove your comments. In cases where I am the one at fault, I too won’t remove my comment(s) if I made any. And if there were corrections to be made, I’ll do it. Let’s be civil, let’s be courteous Muslims :] You may be higher in me in education & career background, and perhaps even the Deen, but it does not give you the license to spill your misinterpretation of my words, carelessly, forcing me to respond, but when the deed is done as requested, the initial question is no where to be seen; I’m left seen talking to myself. Which really kinda sucks because it’s nothing personal you know, so no one should be offended. We’re all just learning. Cut the ‘I’ve got a rep to protect‘ crap. [excuse my language!]

I ask you to forgive me for the mistakes I’ve made in my posts, and in handling comments etc. I’m just trying my best. Trust me I struggle with the simplest of things here. Thank you for correcting me, allowing me to improve. It gives me hope when I know that I’m not annoyed at the Naseeha. My heart is not dead yet (inshaAllah) alhamdulillah.

May Allah grant us humility, patience and a higher understanding towards learning this Deen. Ameen.

And to everyone else who have been nothing but supportive, JazaakAllah khayr. I genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish to hear more feedback inshaAllah. I’ve been getting personal messages on Tumblr and Facebook with regards to my posts on here, but hardly on this blog itself. But I’m happy all of you silent readers come from all around the world. I thank the Statistics-viewing option for showing me the real figures. MashaAllah I didn’t know people from Switzerland to India read this humble blog. Assalamualaykum to all of you out there!

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 9.29.28 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 9.29.44 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 9.29.54 AMMuch love and Salaams to this growing family! x



Ramadhan Lesson 1- Forgiving Others

We are all children of Adam (alayhi salaam) and so we all err. When we have wronged someone, we should ask for forgiveness from that person, and likewise, when we are wronged, we should forgive those who have wronged us. But some of us find it harder than others to forgive.

Image <– I love this quote but allow me to change it up a little bit because I believe everyone deserves to be forgiven. I will get to that point soon. My version of it: “Forgive others not solely because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.”

..And it’s true. Even though God has given us that right to withhold forgiveness, He certainly does not encourage it! It torments you!- refusing to forgive another is like holding on to hot coal! It disturbs your inner peace. It haunts and torments you. It is painful.

It takes a certain kind of humility to be the bigger person. What good lies in not forgiving that other person anyway? It just indicates the amount of pride and arrogance you have in you, withholding something of which you’re not a rightful owner to in the first place. I’m talking about ‘forgiveness’; this is not our forte. This is not something we humans are experts of. Don’t act like we’re bosses, choosing who we like to forgive and who not to forgive. Therefore, give. it. up. We’re already losing the fight even before it started. Since only Allah is Al-Ghafour, the All-Forgiving, it is He who forgives. It is His attribute. It is a Godly one. Since we do not have that capacity in the first place, let’s not pretend we do and start punishing people more than they deserve to be punished.

Those who wrong you have the duty to ask for Allah to forgive them for this wrongdoing of theirs and it is a responsibility upon them to ask for you whom they have wronged, to forgive them. Unfortunately, this is the harder part. Since Allah is the All-Forgiving and He loves to forgive, He is most likely to forgive this person (provided that they are sincere in their repentance and show that they are remorseful for their wrongdoing). But us..? We have the cheek to not pardon a fellow human being who by the way eats, sleeps, and sins just like us, in front of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala). What reason, what excuse, what’s our justification for refusing to forgive them? Do we think we’re able to refuse them Jannah if we impose on them this ‘debt’ that will extend until the Day of Reckoning? Then by Allah, you must think who you will answer to! Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and all in between forgives this person. And us, who are unable to guarantee other people, let alone ourselves, Paradise, have the cheek to refuse a person entry to Jannah..? Are you for real?

We need to seize every opportunity of doing good, as much as we can. My mother taught me that whenever I’m finding certain good deeds very difficult to do, look at them as Jannah access cards. Applying this to the issue at hand, I then realise that since forgiving is a good deed that I find hard so to do, then struggling to do it for the sake of the value and weight it carries on my scales in the Hereafter just makes it sweeter, easier to do. Who knows that our sincerity in forgiving that person who has wronged us will manifest into a prize for us on the Day of Judgment? Yes, I know that that person might have betrayed us, hurt us badly, slandered us etc., but us forgiving them even though they don’t deserve it, is for our ownselves. It is an investment for our own Aakhirah :)

When Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) was rejected by the people of Tai’f, there he was pelted with stones and driven out of their village, bleeding till his sandals filled with blood, still he forgave them. He was the Nabi! A prophet! So he could have asked for Allah to destroy them but he forgave them and even prayed for them, and for himself. He forgives his enemies. He forgives those who harm him physically and verbally. With hands raised towards the heavens, he says, “…So long as You are not angry with me, I do not care. Your favour is of a more expansive relief to me.” Still in such a position, he does not even think about sending harm their way, or holding grudges. Instead he wanted to confirm if Allah is pleased with him or not. Such humility, subhanAllah!

If you’re not even dealing with that big of an issue i.e. not with an ‘enemy’, …fair enough. Let me relate to you about a man during the time of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) who was given the glad tidings of Jannah. When a Sahabah heard this, he observed that man from the time he wakes up until he sleeps for 3 days. And he didn’t find anything which the man did that made him stand out from the rest of the Sahabah who were in fact, seemed to be doing more good deeds. The Sahabah then gave up and asked the man directly who then finally revealed a virtuous act which he never fails to do every night; “Every night, before I go to sleep, I forgive whoever has wronged me. I remove any bad feelings towards anyone from my heart.”

Forgiving others results in you finding peace within yourself. You will thank that person for the experience. I know I’ve stopped holding grudges when I look at that person who had wronged me 5 years ago, and feel nothing against them. I know I’ve forgiven a person when I see it has not affected them (outwardly at least), the fact that I haven’t forgiven them. Just looking at them go by life so easily, my intentions of wanting to torment and hurt them by not forgiving them failed miserably. It backfired on me instead. They know their duty is to seek forgiveness from Allah and He has forgiven them and that gives them peace enough. Allah is enough for them. They ought to ask for my forgiveness too, but when I turn them away, they know they’ve done their best. Still Allah remains enough for them.

So Allah should be enough for me too.

I deserve peace. Others deserve peace.

Giving Gentle Naseeha : A Forgotten Sunnah!

Situation X

Person A: “Tomorrow’s date will be 27th Rajab in the Hijri Calendar. This means that it has been 1434 years since the Prophet’s Night Journey.”
Person B: “So????”
Person A: “What do you mean “SOOO?!?!” I’m going to fast, do more sunnah prayers and probably will give more charity.”


It’s sad that some people call celebrating the anniversary of Isra’ wal Mi’raj a ‘heresy’ and ‘has nothing to do with Islam’ to the extent that their followers forget or are concealed from the knowledge of the Night of Isra’ wal Mi’raj. Do we dare forget that the Quraysh laughed in stitches when Muhammad (pbuh) told them he travelled to Jerusalem and ascended to the heavens and back to Makkah in one night? How is it that we totally dismiss the remembrance of this spiritual night so easily? Can we instead educate.. and do it kindly? This night was the night the commandment of Salaah was given. This was the night the Honourable Prophet (pbuh) had conversed with Allah. This was the night he (pbuh) led Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Ishmael, Noah, Aaron and other Prophets in prayer.

I completely understand and am clear that its celebration had not been particularized in any authentic aHadith. However, please think again and re-think if you can, if you have been harshly condemning others for ‘celebrating’ it, to the extent that those who learn from you have no or little knowledge of that particular miraculous night journey of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Be moderate. Islam is about moderation.

Reminders (for myself first & foremost)

1. Acknowledge the occurrence of that night. Without belief in this night, you would not really score in a pillar of Iman which is ‘Belief in the Prophets’. >This includes belief in all prophets including the prophet Muhammad as the last prophet > belief in the miracles that Allah had allowed them to perform. > Isra’ Mi’raj was one of those miracles.

2. If you know anyone fasting tomorrow, 27th Rajab, do not admonish or reprimand him. Relax- it’s a Thursday (Sunnah to fast on Thursdays and Mondays if you didn’t know). And if he says he’s doing it for Isra’ and Mi’raj, let him know it was never a practice among the scholars nor during the Prophet’s time and leave the rest to Allah. You do not know of the sincerity of his love towards the Prophet. Perhaps he will be rewarded for that. YOU SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW.

3. No harm in fasting in tomorrow’s case. No harm in giving more in Charity. No harm in praying more nawafil prayers.. all good. But why not continue it on other days as well ? :)

4. Read up on Isra’ wal Mi’raj in your Seerah books! If you do not have one, there’s always a downloadable version. I would suggest Dr. Ali As-Sallabi’s book. Download here: http://www.kalamullah.com/noble-life-of-the-prophet.html

May Allah keep our hearts sincere. Sometimes, in wanting to avoid falling into evil, we manage to save ourselves -and that’s cool and all, but we also cause the destruction of others. We must remember that some people look up to us and it’s important that we give our reasons for not doing something that “seems” good/religious as how we give our reasons for taking part in other seemingly good/religious activities.. instead of criticising that act without giving reasons.

If you claim to follow the Sunnah, then follow it wholly. Give Naseeha, but also give Naseeha in the proper way as taught by our Honourable Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam).

May Allah forgive me for the errors in this post if there were any.