I spend a lot of time stringing words together in an attempt to make sense of what you call emotions. Sometimes I write in prose, other times in rhyme or in free verse.

happy me



What are you majoring in?

English Literature and Linguistics, minoring in Political Science.

If you’re studying English then do you want to become an English teacher?

No. Who knows what I’ll be *shrug

Why aren’t there any pictures of you on your blog?

I have one up here. I did post in the past, in one or two entries, but I ended up deleting them because to me, this blog is and will always be for my writings, not my face. I don’t want the way people see my writings to be in any way, shape or form influenced by my appearance.

Have you ever thought of publishing a book?

Yes I have.

How old are you?


Where did you get your Islamic education from?

From home, and then school.

I don’t understand your family background. Where are the places you’ve lived and where are you currently living?

You don’t have to lol. I’ve lived in Singapore, Malaysia (current), Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

You haven’t approved me on Instagram. I sent you a request a long time ago.

Then you must probably be one of the following:

  1. A male I haven’t met in real life or known virtually.
  2. I have a hard time determining whether you’re a guy or girl from your display picture and name. AND your account is private.
  3. You’re an instashop.

I have nothing against you personally, it’s just me.

Why do you write?

I’ll have to write a blogpost on that, it needs a whole post by itself. I’ll make sure to link it here if I remember.


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