Giving Gentle Naseeha : A Forgotten Sunnah!

Situation X

Person A: “Tomorrow’s date will be 27th Rajab in the Hijri Calendar. This means that it has been 1434 years since the Prophet’s Night Journey.”
Person B: “So????”
Person A: “What do you mean “SOOO?!?!” I’m going to fast, do more sunnah prayers and probably will give more charity.”


It’s sad that some people call celebrating the anniversary of Isra’ wal Mi’raj a ‘heresy’ and ‘has nothing to do with Islam’ to the extent that their followers forget or are concealed from the knowledge of the Night of Isra’ wal Mi’raj. Do we dare forget that the Quraysh laughed in stitches when Muhammad (pbuh) told them he travelled to Jerusalem and ascended to the heavens and back to Makkah in one night? How is it that we totally dismiss the remembrance of this spiritual night so easily? Can we instead educate.. and do it kindly? This night was the night the commandment of Salaah was given. This was the night the Honourable Prophet (pbuh) had conversed with Allah. This was the night he (pbuh) led Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Ishmael, Noah, Aaron and other Prophets in prayer.

I completely understand and am clear that its celebration had not been particularized in any authentic aHadith. However, please think again and re-think if you can, if you have been harshly condemning others for ‘celebrating’ it, to the extent that those who learn from you have no or little knowledge of that particular miraculous night journey of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Be moderate. Islam is about moderation.

Reminders (for myself first & foremost)

1. Acknowledge the occurrence of that night. Without belief in this night, you would not really score in a pillar of Iman which is ‘Belief in the Prophets’. >This includes belief in all prophets including the prophet Muhammad as the last prophet > belief in the miracles that Allah had allowed them to perform. > Isra’ Mi’raj was one of those miracles.

2. If you know anyone fasting tomorrow, 27th Rajab, do not admonish or reprimand him. Relax- it’s a Thursday (Sunnah to fast on Thursdays and Mondays if you didn’t know). And if he says he’s doing it for Isra’ and Mi’raj, let him know it was never a practice among the scholars nor during the Prophet’s time and leave the rest to Allah. You do not know of the sincerity of his love towards the Prophet. Perhaps he will be rewarded for that. YOU SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW.

3. No harm in fasting in tomorrow’s case. No harm in giving more in Charity. No harm in praying more nawafil prayers.. all good. But why not continue it on other days as well ? :)

4. Read up on Isra’ wal Mi’raj in your Seerah books! If you do not have one, there’s always a downloadable version. I would suggest Dr. Ali As-Sallabi’s book. Download here:

May Allah keep our hearts sincere. Sometimes, in wanting to avoid falling into evil, we manage to save ourselves -and that’s cool and all, but we also cause the destruction of others. We must remember that some people look up to us and it’s important that we give our reasons for not doing something that “seems” good/religious as how we give our reasons for taking part in other seemingly good/religious activities.. instead of criticising that act without giving reasons.

If you claim to follow the Sunnah, then follow it wholly. Give Naseeha, but also give Naseeha in the proper way as taught by our Honourable Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam).

May Allah forgive me for the errors in this post if there were any.


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