The Marriage Series #3: Questions to Ask a Potential Spouse.

In honour of my parents' 26th wedding anniversary (mashaAllah 3aleyhom), here's entry no.3 of #TheWeddingSeries! Can you tell I'm on a roll?! I was always transparent about having met many suitors before I met my husband. So I've had my fair share of interviewing them that I pretty much became a reference point for my… Continue reading The Marriage Series #3: Questions to Ask a Potential Spouse.

The Marriage Series #2 : A Year In.

So we're 365 days in. Do I still think marriage is a bed of roses? (As if I did in my 41-day reflection, lol. But let's pretend I did). Yes, but in a different way. It is a bed of roses. The whole package- with the prickly thorns intact. (Did I give this same metaphor… Continue reading The Marriage Series #2 : A Year In.

Self sabotage

Today I learned a new term that would encapsulate what would have been a typical Yasmin blogpost; 1000-word article, into just one word. Yes. One single word. And that word is, self sabotage.  That's two words. But you get the point. One term. But seriously though, what is self sabotage? Today I had an early… Continue reading Self sabotage

The Marriage Series | #1: The Wedding

Here's a long-overdue post about my KL Walimah or Walimah 2.0 as I like to call it, which by the way, my phone keeps auto-correcting to Walking. Well it's not completely wrong. I guess in a way marriage does feel like walking; walking with a capital W. Sometimes uphill, sometimes down. Sometimes barefoot, sometimes in comfy… Continue reading The Marriage Series | #1: The Wedding

Appreciating Processes

The idea that nothing is in fact pure seamlessness from beginning to end fascinates me a lot these days. It has taken up most of my thinking space as I begun to contemplate on the working gears of the mundane everyday things. The fact that behind everything seemingly polished is some sort of a working… Continue reading Appreciating Processes

Reflections of a 41-day old wife.

  Bismillah. So... I don't even know where to begin. I've been working for 5 months and married for 41 days. Talk about how adult life hits you hard! ..and it's been eons since I last visited this old friend of mine. Oh how I've missed you. But not too terribly, I think, because I… Continue reading Reflections of a 41-day old wife.

Shall I Not Live My Life Principled?

I frequently get asked if I ever felt like toning down my Islam or removing my hijab or compromise in some- or if I ever felt ashamed of my faith...   Sometimes I wonder if I am a walking contradiction. An irony. A paradox. A being stuck in between themes. Perhaps stuck in between where… Continue reading Shall I Not Live My Life Principled?