Stood too close.

Just recently I found myself thrown into a web. I found myself pulled into this entirely new circle; made up of old friends.. and then there’s me. Where do I fit? And who pulled me into this? Each one of them knows me from somewhere but each are unaware of the other’s acquaintance with me. I am not only lost, I also feel a tad bit intimidated. They are not exactly the kind of circle I’ve always had, but they are the circle I’ve always imagined myself to be in.

Never did I think that if I were fated to reach something I’ve always yearned for I’d run away from it. Is this the act of a coward?

But I had stood close anyway. This was my fault. This is my cue to step out and leave forever.

This had better work.

I think I am fine standing outside the window, admiring the precious present that I was sent to from afar. I am fine….for now.