A Year in KSA in photos: The 1st Installment

Hi, hey, hello how are you! Salam alaykum :) Kindly allow me to skip the customary and eye-roll-inducing apology for not being the world’s best blogger, alright? Now moving on.. As the title suggests, this is going to be a series of photo installments of our life in the oh-so-mysterious Saudi Arabia. *cue stereotypical Arabian music* Lol.

I can’t say that I’ve kept my private life (that is pertaining to my family) completely private, but I can’t say that it’s public either. I guess most of you are still confused as to why exactly we are separated by continental oceans and international borders, but I’d like to keep it that way, thank you. If you’re reading this and you already know my entire life story from A-Z, then congratulations.. you must occupy a room in my heart. Jubna (cheese) alert! 


Please enjoy the photos!


See you in the next one!


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