Channelling my inner Shaykhaspeare

Tonight a friend had dropped me off after asking me to help her move some new furniture into her apartment. Here at my campus, the gates close after midnight, but luckily I managed to push through the supposedly ‘closed’ gate; and like an intruder after having done the deed, I looked around to see if anyone had caught me sneaking in. Naturally too, I looked up to the sky, but not expecting to see what I saw… With a weighty compilation of Shakespeare’s works in my hand, somehow, my mind thought it befitting to speak these words; out of spontaneity, I penned these thoughts down..

And though we mortals fight and complain and toil about our troubles hither down on Earth, the stars above shine proud and bright still, non-perturbed. I felt a gaze upon me and my conflict-rimmed mind, so I stopped in my tracks and looked above my own self, to meet the eye of Sirius. Instantly I felt embarrassed before its clear brilliance. Contrast at that moment was a phenomenon; a feeling; as if a spy from Heaven had done a surprise visit on me, and I was a vassal most unrehearsed.

Written on 9 Dec 2015.


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