Literary Disarray

Yes I’m aware that it has been ages since I last posted anything. I’m currently supposed to be working on 6 spoken word poem scripts and one Ink of Faith article, all of which I’ve started.. but have been finding it an arduous task to complete. I think it’s.. um, called a Writer’s Block :/ I’m quite ashamed, but here’s a poem to make up it up to you. It is quite badly written, I must say, and I almost didn’t want to publish it. But hey, this is proof of the pangs of literary disarray I’m facing…

My temples hurt from penning fragments

of broken messages without a theme

Wordy games waiting to be worked out

And a worldly treasure to be redeemed.

So I fed them to hollow archives

to appease the gods of monotony

A proud rebel against procrastination,

fighting a cryptic battle with much hyperbole.

What else should I have done with such literary disarray

Without rhyme and my usual creative steam?

What does one do at this unfamiliar crossroads

blocking her view to a once-wonderful dream?

But what an utter drought it is up here

as if no syllable, no lyric ever came!

But hills of meanings have blossomed here

and more truthfully…  so has fame.

What if I have lost it all,

arrived at the pinnacle only to fall.

Sinking deeply into intellectual abyss-

“There goes another poet who won’t be missed.”

Do you see what I mean? I couldn’t even finish this one! *Sigh*. Guess I’ll have to wait for my knight in shining armour to sweep this poem of it’s feet and give it a clean ending stanza! :)


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