Dear Children,

If I were to give someone advice, not that I am qualified, but if I were, and a guaranteed situation of such authority is that where I am mother; given that I am to have any children, God willing.. is to give other people your time. It is important to give them a listening ear, lend a caring hand that reaches out to them. One that shows from the outside at least. My daughter, my son, it is important that people hear less of your story unless you are asked. If you are never asked, never tell, keep listening to theirs. It is your actions not your grand words that will make you a true friend in need. Stay humble and convince your heart that the world doesn’t need to know of your presence or how you lived, or what you achieved. Perhaps it would be wiser to have the world crave you when you no longer live. And even if that never happens, live as if that will. My children, these are lessons that I’ve learnt from my own life, how I’ve lived it thus far. So many things I wish I’ve done differently. But do not repeat my mistakes. As I write this I wish very much to be able to see you grow into this world, caress your face, hold your hands and tell you this myself. But if I do not, let this message live on and survive Time, so you may know that your mother was not a perfect woman. She was flawed and she wanted you to know that in her life, she tried.


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