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A Yemen ago..


No brownie points for guessing correctly which of these ninjas is me..


English: Palimpsest. (n)

“a manuscript or piece of writing material on which later writing has been superimposed on effaced earlier writing.”

I should change the name of this blog to An Anthology of Yasminian Palimpsests… (Fancy, no? Might actually change it to that..).

Arabic: Sakhhafah! (Ridiculous!)

Video/Intriguing Information-

1. Hamza Yusuf’s “Devil’s Trap”. (Had to reference this for my assignment and I was sold. Has nothing to do with his being a Sufi. But has to do with Television, the media and Satanism. SO. EVERY. HUMAN. BEING. MUST. WATCH!) LINK 

2. Lecture on the enormity of exposing one’s sins which Allah has concealed. (I watched another version, I can’t remember which, but it was really impactful- I think it was Arabic with English subs. Anyway, I just found this one which explains the exact same hadeeth: LINK. If anyone knows which one I’m talking about, please send me the link, JazakAllah khayr).

PoemElegy written in a Churchyard by Thomas Gray (This poem contains one of the best life lessons I’ve ever come across: about unsung heroes etc. If you would like me to give my own analysis of this poem, do let me know. I’d be more than happy to write one!) Read the poem yourself here.

Poem reading– Four Funerals and a Wedding’s reading of Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden. LINK. (Yes, with that Irish guy’s shaky reading.. I cried like a baby. Great poem too. Go and read it!)

Prophetic Quote– (Had to commit this to memory as one of the requirements of our Halaqa circles here at uni, but I’m in awe of this hadeeth in full, its just amazing in all aspects; linguistically especially, because that’s imperative to the impact of when the meaning seeps into the reader’s conscious and understanding! love hearing it in Arabic. Very, very poetic! I don’t even have any inkling as to what Arabic poetry/literature is supposed to sound like, but this is beautiful to my ears; from start to end.)

“That which is lawful is plain, and that which is
unlawful is plain,
and between the two of them are doubtful matters
about which not many people know.
Thus he who avoids doubtful matters clears
himself in regard to his religion and his honour,
but he who falls into doubtful matters falls into
that which is unlawful,
like the shepherd who pastures around a
sanctuary, all but grazing therein.
Truly every king has a sanctuary, and truly
Allah‟s sanctuary is His prohibitions.
Truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh which,
if it be whole, all the body is whole and which,
if it be diseased, all of it is diseased.
Truly it is the heart” (Bukhari & Muslim)

إن الحلال بين وإن الحـرام بين وبينهما أمور مشتبهات لا يعـلمهن كثير من الناس فمن اتقى الشبهات فـقـد استبرأ لديـنه وعـرضه ومن وقع في الشبهات وقـع في الحرام كـالراعي يـرعى حول الحمى يوشك أن يرتع فيه ألا وإن لكل ملك حمى ألا وإن حمى الله محارمه ألا وإن في الجـسد مضغة إذا صلحـت صلح الجسد كله وإذا فـسـدت فـسـد الجسـد كـلـه ألا وهي الـقـلب

Quote– Mexican proverb: “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

Book– Beyond Coincidence: Amazing Stories of Coincidence and the Mystery and Mathematics Behind Them– Brian King & Martin Plimmer (Quite regrettably will I admit that I haven’t managed to finish it, but enjoyed every bit of it. Kept me on my toes. I’m a big believer already!)

Scent– 212 VIP Carolina Herrera (gold) & Mahasin Crystal (gold, not banafsaj) (I discovered Mahasin Crystal  in Yemen. I’ve already gone through about 4 bottles? I’m on my last one and I’m so sad. It’s become my signature scent. Not too overpowering, I think it’s Muslimah friendly because you can only smell it when you’re at a close proximity to me. Luckily I found a similar scent when I smelled VIP CH at Sephora, but it’s way over my student budget :( In case you’re wondering it’s rum, vanilla and tonka bean. Warm and a teeny bit spicy.)

Beauty item– beauty blender (Best thing ever invented! Makes your concealer/foundation look like skin!)

Tea– with na3na3 (mint leaves) or any plain tea with a pinch of ginger powder and a spoonful of honey on sick days.

Purchase– coconut oil (I oil-pull when ever I find time.. Read up about it!)

Highlights– Our Perth family reunion holiday, joining IIUM & meeting certain individuals who now mean a lot to me, and performing at GUF 2014. (EDITED: Haha, how can I forget being a translator in my first 3 weeks at uni! Firstly I had to explain to this random arab guy that he needed a medical form. “Ma saweyt el health form?” . And I don’t know if they truly appreciated my attempt at Arabic, or they really sympathized with me, but one of the students’ parents gifted me an umbrella. Mrrah shukran ya 3am, ya khalou (?) so sweet of you!).

Unforgettable embarrassing/ funny moment– I’ll never forget that time when we were in Arabic class in Yemen and the class was in a debate about a topic with our teacher who was in the opposition team. When I was passionately trying to convince him in Arabic, the English filler “you know?” slipped out of my mouth and everyone erupted in laughter including myself! LOL! It was truly embarrassing. My teacher flustered madly and we all had a good time recalling that incident since then… Whenever I recall this I can’t help but grin a silly grin.

Dorm room item– My illegal cooker. (I’m not allowed to have this, but since I got sick eating the cafeteria food, I convinced my mom to buy a cooker for me to cook my own food. Or actually, more like my mom was the one who convinced me! :D )

Instagram accounts– all gulf-ian abaya shops


1. Reading the words to Zain Bikha’s Zammilooni and then bawling my eyes out at the part about Khadijah. I still don’t know why I feel that way, it’s been years, but I cry so much every single time I stumble upon the words to this nasheed.

2. Browsing old Knowledge Hive 2009 lecture videos and reliving those memories. I was never known to be attached to things or people. But that memory somehow, is one that I revisit all the time.

Alhamdulillah for everything! 


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