Notes worthy of note

As I made my way through the jungle

of heavy alphabets in raised ink

I let my finger linger for a moment over the stains

asking myself to recall if I had uttered them before.

Above them I saw my heroes had come

And artlessly I felt the corners of my mouth

lift to form an unrehearsed, knowing smile.

These graphite scribbles have souls

above the weighty terminologies in bold;

some in foreign shorthand, some in the common tongue

saving me hours of lexicon time.

Whatever your name, I appreciate your charity

although you probably had not meant it

but it made me beam to myself all the same.

I thought of all those hands who’ve picked up

the same volume as I

and who’ve hovered o’er the same passages

and felt the same way at the climaxes

as did I

I wonder, and I couldn’t help but wonder

if one of them had been



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