The reality behind “You spoke my mind!”

It seems to me that if a good thought crosses your mind, you must find a way to document it. For if you choose to ‘save it’ mentally, it will only water down in importance. And the longer you wait to delve, entertain and be totally ‘lost’ (positively) in its meaning and greatness, the more it will be disappear from your mind and perhaps diffuse into someone else’s mind. And the minute you hear it coming out of someone else’s mouth so well articulated, you might catch a small whiff of regret escaping you; oh had I cared to give it some more thought..! I wish..etc etc. Remember that you may not feel the same way about it again in the way you had felt about it when it first crossed your mind. So stop in your tracks, grab a tool- be it blood or ink and write something down. Know that it had crossed your mind for a reason. Nothing is by chance here, my friends.


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