Aims of #mentalvomits: An outlet


I have to say that I’ve been loving ALL of the ‪#‎mentalvomits‬ that are coming through! Thank you so much for the support *big group hug* and I do hope that more and more people would join us. But first allow me to elaborate on what the challenge aims to do:

1. To motivate us to put forward our thoughts that would otherwise hide in our drafts and never see the light of day.

We ponder upon the complexities and challenging issues of life and on many accounts have attempted to write starting with that rhetoric. Somehow we never manage to complete or post it anywhere because we’re shy people might think we’re treading on dangerous grounds, or that we don’t have the motivation to do more research about the topic so we leave it.. whatever problem it might be, we’re not letting ourselves grow in this respect. By using #mentalvomits, it becomes easier to channel those notes without the fear of harsh criticism- judgment may be passed lightly, but the whole idea is to motivate us to look back at that piece of work and start looking at it again. Maybe even pick up the courage and complete it. And later publish (anywhere).

2. To help us embrace criticism if there’s any, and receive compliments (if we don’t know how to yet); both in healthy doses!

As mentioned above, criticism is something a lot of us shy away from. We might not have a great deal of knowledge on a certain topic to start off with, but still we might have an opinion about it. It can happen, and when we start writing, only then we will know our true stand on it. Writing is discovery. As the writer Flannery O’Connor once said, “I write to discover what I know.” So maybe, once you’ve started writing, and received feedback, it might improve or even change our views completely! And that’s the thrill of writing. It’s a journey on it’s own; a process of (self-)progress(-ion)

3. To give a home to our writing that we often see as ‘no longer relevant’.

We’ve all been inspired by an academic lecture, yes? You know, your lecturer is talking about future global politics and your brain decides to link it to a solution to certain personal problems? Certain things people say, although in completely DIFFERENT contexts often ring a different bell in our heads. And it’s completely fine, you’re not wrong anywhere Sadly, we scribble this down somewhere, and we don’t at all bother to share it because we deem it ‘no longer relevant’. We think, who would want to read this simple epiphany that I got during a political science class?! You’re wrong. There are people (like me!) who love reading from people- on everything especially on the different perspectives of different aspects in life.

4. To make us aware that having a mental conference with yourself sometimes isn’t enough.

Oftentimes we fight for a certain cause passionately in our heads only. And it stays there F.O.R.E.V.E.R. We need to realize that absolutely nothing changes when we’re simply victors in our own imagination. It needs to be made a reality. I know it feels profoundly satisfying after a lengthy debate in our heads, that reasoning had had to be done if we were to sleep at all! But let someone know. Or let the world know. No cause has ever won without ever having the argument expressed at the least, by tongue i.e. voice. So be real, and write that winding argumentative opinion somewhere, and let us all hear it. Whether people agree with you or not is something else. You need to know that your opinion that doesn’t go pass your throat doesn’t change the world one bit.

5. You don’t know where to put it because people don’t take you seriously.

There always seem to be struggle when it comes to people who want to start writing, or want to start writing a certain genre- poetry or short story for example, but never got the courage to publish because you were never “that type”. #mentalvomits may be the channel you use to kickstart writing. To those who never seemed the type to write, but always had a soft spot for it, here’s your time to shine. This is a way to avoid people speculating about your love life (for e.g.)- can’t you simply WANT to write?! Just because?! I say yes you can. And you will.

That is it for now. I hope that wasn’t too heavy. It’s pretty simple actually if you think about it and I look forward to reading more #mentalvomits. I’ll be posting mine every other day iA.


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