The #mentalvomits challenge

Head over to my Facebook profile (it's no longer private) and comment underneath that status or share it and write your own #mentalvomit! :)

Head over to my Facebook profile (it’s no longer private) and comment underneath that status or share it and write your own #mentalvomit! :)

I’m sure a lot of you, like me, keep a small notepad or some sort of a note-taking item (like a phone) near your bed when you sleep because as we all know, the moment our head hits the pillow, the most brilliant of ideas start swarming to your brain. (I wonder why this happens when you’re the least prepared.. in the shower for example.) And it’s just plain annoying and irksome to know that if you DON’T take it down somewhere, you’re just going to wake up, knowing you had thought of something but you’re not exactly sure what, or you might not feel the same way about it as you had when you thought it.. i.e. never remembering exactly what you had thought of in the way you were thinking about it that moment you thought about it. (Confusing, I know, but you get what I mean don’t you? Yes you do. :} )

AND you might have just thought about that ONE THING you’re sure no one has ever thought of before… in that way you had thought, at least. So you take that extra effort to reach for that temporary physical base where your ideas shall reside while your brain and eyelids catch up on a few hours of rest.

And does it ever get translated into some real brainstorming? Hardly ever, yes? You end up having PILES of notes in shorthand, not to mention extremely unintelligible scribbles and sentences that just don’t make any sense. Your next step is to dispose of that page or pages- or if you’re a hoarder like me, I stash them aside along with my other journals (think as far as 9 years back!). Sometimes you think that just because you’ve gone through that thinking process/lane of thought you’re satisfied, and the world doesn’t need to hear about it. Nonsense! What a complete waste! Of ideas. Of energy. Of many wonderful possibilities!

Anyway the reason for my what you call rant is to perhaps propose a challenge to publish at least one raw piece of entry that has left you baffled; “What was I on about when I wrote this?! It kind of makes sense… but I can’t put my finger on it.” or.. “Wait, *I* thought of that? Wow I didn’t know I *had* thought of it that way!”. So let us see those! I’m sure we’ll find many interesting ones. This might also help us get more motivated in actually getting down to reviewing our late-night thoughts and publishing them into some real work the next time we scribble something unto our sticky notes. This could be THE cure to writing blocks, ha!

This would be really interesting. It could be pieces of poetry, rhetorical questions about Life, Religion etc., personal thoughts, hilarious incidences which you intended to document somewhere, didactic rants in its original, unedited form. Fine, edit it if it looks just horrible. But don’t let it go too overboard. Let it stay in “idea” form. We can all learn something from you then

Come on, I know your “Notes” on your phones are BRIMMING with unspoken, unfinished, unheard of, raw material that are just begging to be worked on. So get on with it. I shall tag some people who I know will take up this challenge and we’ll see where this will take us! I think I’ll start with one first [it’ll be in the next status inshaAllah.]

Let’s call this the #mentalvomits challenge. (Sounds gross though. Feel free to suggest some other name.. anyone?) Look people, I might just be winging it out here and as they say in Malay, ‘shiok sendiri’. But I pictured this differently in my head; more of a mental exercise. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been really unproductive these past few days that I’ve decided to go through my ‘Notes’ on my phone and found some interesting content lol. Anyway, if you’re interested then, m’dearies. Go ahead because I genuinely WANT to read yours please. And have fun! *Yasmin does a curtsey here*.


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