There’s this certain routine that we slap on our faces daily if we’re out seeing people, and then there’s also the wall erected to distance ourselves from clingy people.

There is this certain politeness/respect which we’re obliged to observe in the presence of the old and the young, the ones above us and the ones below.
Even with family, we don’t tell them ALL our secrets.
But how about when we are standing in front of Allah? 
What we need are clean and simple things: 
A bare face. Empty hands. A vulnerable heart. A clear mind. A limp ego. A cocoon of humility.
You don’t need to pretend in front of your Maker. He knows what you show and what is hidden in the hearts. 
اللَّهُمَّ طَهـّرنَا مِن اَلنِّفَاق 
O Allah purify us from Nifaq (Hypocrisy) 

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