You know how some of us get excited over the mention of our names in a magazine article, or by a personality on Twitter, or perhaps a quick mention on TV? All of these may mention your full name and a little bit of your biodata, but what do they know of you except what you choose to reveal about yourself through your overall self-portrayal/behaviour and public deeds? 


They don’t know all that much, and you know that. And sometimes we don’t recognise that person whom they have mentioned. It may be a good comment or report and it may be our full name that is printed on that page which friends and family would later proudly frame it on their walls. It may be that we are nominated for a public service and for good conduct. And it may be our public donations and public performances that made front page in the newspaper, but most of the time, if your sincerity was questionable, would we be able to truthfully claim these portrayals of us to be a 100 percent accurate; a true reflection of ourselves? If your answer is no then trust me, this is why we shouldn’t never allow even an ounce of pride to reside in our hearts. 


What if I told you that you are mentioned by your characteristics in a book that has been in circulation way before you were even born? You posess this Book and it may have touched your heart once or twice. But now after knowing it has indeed mentioned you, look for yourself in it; not by name but by characteristic. And who knows you better than your Lord?


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