Oh the irony which we all sought comfort in.

I long to go to bed without worry, without fear or hatred. Someday soon inshaAllah. How is it that I go to sleep with a heavy heart, worrying and fearing a person who isn’t my Master? How did do it- how did I go a day without flipping the pages of my Holy Book? This isn’t my nature, it isn’t ours. It can never be. The blood from my face drains when something goes wrong or seems to have gone wrong with regards to work but where did the constant shiver go that used to remind me of death go? Where have my moments of contemplation gone? If I do not give my soul its due rights, it is going to eat me up and soon it will be too late to switch paths. I know this to be true, I know myself. There IS need for tears. I shall respect these small sparks while they’re still around. At least I know they’ve not abandoned me completely. Here I am at your service my Lord! Labbaik Allah humma Labbaik! (29 more days)

its hard to pen a poem
my body still
my heart has a heart of its own
its left me and made its way
on its own
to your home
to its home


I realised that the theme of my posts these days have been but a single one; returning ‘home’, going back, reverting, getting lost and finding my way back etc. Since they are spontaneous, I shall respect them and let my thoughts flow. No doubt they stem from the same source. I’m just being real here.


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