Touching melodies.

Been making some exceptions music-wise. Meaningful lyrics only! Also in the light of recent events, this song tells the heartbreaking story of Sarah, a Palestinian girl. Wish I could translate this into English for those who don’t understand Arabic but I might just embarrass myself..

Reem Banna- Sarah



*EDIT: I managed to find the accurate translation for the lyrics:

كانت سارة ساراي تدرج أولى خطواتها على تراب فلسطين

Sarah Sarai was taking her first steps on the soil of Palestine

وكانت ضحكتها تغطي تغطي سماء فلستطين

And her laugh was covering, covering the sky of Palestine

غافلها القناص بطلقة في الراس في رأس سارة الصغير

The sniper took her by surprise with a shot in the head, in Sarah’s little head

ارفع العصبة عن عيون سارة حتى ترى وجه قاتلها

Take the blindfold off of Sarah’s eyes so she can see the face of her killer



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