He spits at the image he sees in the mirror.

Often we find it cliché when people go on a rant about a certain something; first they make a point. Then they conclude with a disclaimer that’s usually worded along these lines: “This is first and foremost a reminder to myself…”.

An observation. (I decided to proceed with this observation only after being convinced that a few other people feel the same way as I. How cowardly of me.. – I know. Sometimes I get insecure about the conclusions that come from my own concoction of observations.. until others confirm them in their own words . Anyway, moving on..!)

The flaws that you point out in other people are usually the things that irk you about them, correct? Then get this: If something about another person irritates you, it’s most probably because you have the same flaw. Most people don’t realise this, but those that do, find it an awful and bitter truth! And those that are one step ahead of everyone else go the extra mile in addressing that flaw in the form of a legitimate piece of advice or as a blunt sarcasm or a passing remark made to sound like it was directed at somebody else- which is only a half-truth because, in seeing that flaw in that person, he also happens to identify the same element of flaw in his own self.

Now, take a 100 paces forward. This post is a practical example. Ah I don’t wish to make this a habit- it’s all a coincidence that 90% of posts published here have a little irony in them. Khalas, this blog is irony-themed.

Back to the point of this exercise-> We should realise that the moment we raise a finger to point at someone, that’s the moment when we’ve got to look down at our own two feet and realise we’re pointing at ourselves.


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