Terrifying evening at Seputeh train station.

<NOTE: I will not edit this post despite the many spelling mistakes. I want to let it remain in its original form; drenched in panic and fear. I wrote this spontaneously and immediately after the incident, so I do not want to distort my narrative in any way possible.>

Warning: This is 5 Microsoft Word pages long. You can read this as your bedtime story. Genre: tragic ;P

In the name of Allah, As-Salaam. The Author of Safety.

I’ve just experienced the most terrifying evening of my life. (From the office) At 6pm-ish, sis A(colleague) dropped me off by the highway and I was told to find my way to Seputeh KTM Station. She couldn’t drop me off at Kerinchi LRT Station (which would be so much easier for me) because there isn’t an entrance for those dropped off at the side of the road! WHY MAKE AN LRT STATION THERE IF PEDESTRIANS OR PEOPLE WHO ARE DROPPED OFF CANNOT GET IN?! The entire side of the road is gated and there is absolutely no way you can get to the station. There is an overhead bridge, but it is still inaccessible. Google Kerinchi LRT station and maybe you’ll get what I mean. If I knew my night ahead would turn out so wrong, I would have asked to be dropped there and climbed over the fence/gate. So I got off the car and looked around me. I was utterly confused- to my left is the highway and to my right is a deserted downhill road with a rainforest right next to it. The deserted road seemed to lead to a town -but thats very deep in. All I could see on this deserted road were dark alleys and shrubs. I could see the train track but no ticket counter nor station in sight. I tried climbing the hill that the track was on -FOOLISH- but my mind panicked. Surely sis A hadn’t meant for me to walk down that alley! There was no way she intended me to do that! I took one glance over my shoulder and cars were just driving fast. Her car was gone. I looked at the dark alley and all the place screamed was ‘a rapist is somewhere in there waiting for you, Yasmin’. There is no other route so I braced myself, pulled my laptop case closer to my chest and got down these tiny and slippery shrub-covered steps that lead me to the alley. I stepped into the pitch-black alley (it was 6.50pm, it was already so so dark. no street lights whatsoever. The whole damned place looked so abandoned. Glass pieces on the road and literally, everything you are likely to find in a horror movie set.) So after it seemed like forever in that dark place, I finally got out only to find a deserted parking lot. I walked further and saw two beat up cars with smashed windows next to what seemed like an old shack. It was soo shabby it looked like those abandoned circus game counters. I almost thought I’d trip over a dead body or a creepy clown in there. It was all wooden. There is a set of plastic chairs (joined like those you see in old hospital waiting rooms) and they were dusty. There was a set of new ticket/token-swallowing machines wrapped in dusty plastic, the old metal barrier thingies, an old counter that says ‘TICKET’ and an ancient ticket machine that has these unfamiliar names of places on them.I was like, this can’t be it! It’s abandoned! When was the last time these things operated? There was absolutely no one there. Not even an officer. Heck it was dark and smelly. I walked out of it and walked uphill and founf myself at a bend of a road. Tried to stop 1 or 2 motorcycles but they stared at me like I was a freak and rode on. I was so confused and terrified. I kept reciting my duas and before I knew it, I had already started to tear up. Then I saw an Indian man across the street. I ran to him and asked him where the station was and he pointed at that old shack where I was at a few minutes ago. “You have got to be kidding me. That? It’s abandoned! There’s no one in there!” He said, “come, come, let me show you”. I almost thought this was some kind of prank someone’s trying to pull on me. I almost wanted to scream and tell them game’s over. I almost thought I wasn’t seeing the same things he was seeing. Then when we got there he said, “buy your ticket”. And he started to leave. I was so tired and so scared and terrified, I tried the machine anyway. That machine clearly hasn’t been touched by anyone for at least a year! It was old and dusty and no lights were coming from it. And I literally had to squeeze myself just to get to it because of all those ancient and scary looking ‘furniture’ around in the shack. So I called sis A up and she said it’s ok, just sneak inside. When she hung up, my throat went dry- “sneak..inside? And go where?!!” This was the road straight to my grave, I thought. Again, I toughened up, my mind still can’t process the fact that people actually think this place still operates and that my collegue’s just asked me to ‘sneak into’ an abandoned place was beyond what my mind can fathom. I ducked down the metal barrier and tried not to look around me. Evereything was dark and I was alone in that shabby old place. There was a flight of stairs in front of me that seemed to lead to the track. So I climbed up and was relieved to see open space. At least I wasn’t in a confined, scary looking circus dressing room full of props (that was what the shack looked like, actually). I sat down on the bench and there was no sign of life at all. I didn’t even know if this was the platform that I was supposed to be on! There was no directory, no information board-NOTHING! Far ahead on the side of the tracks it read “SEPUTEH”. That’s all. Even the name gives off a very eerie feeling. I was scared that something bad would happen to me so I started recording. I documented everything and talked about how I got there and stuff. And how scared I was then of course. And then the KTM came for the platform opposite from where I stood and I was a bit surprised. The KTM is new and it very much contrasted with the whole set up of this place. The sign on the train says ‘To Sungai Buloh’. I have no idea where that is. When it left, I called up sis Ainiah again and she said I should have taken that train. So I took the overhead bridge and crossed over only to realise that I’ll have to wait for another half an hour before the next train comes. Urghhh. So I dialled Sakeena’s number (I thought I missed her call, turned out she never called) and I started narrating everything to her in sobs. My voice shook the whole time and I was basically crying. She said everything she could to comfort me but then she put me on hold. I couldn’t wait- my credit would run out and then I’d be in more trouble so I hung up. I FINALLY called my mom and told her everything. She told me to go back to the highway and flag a taxi. Although I couldn’t stand the idea of going back to the shack and down that alley, mom convinced me that it’s the best way out. When I got to the shack, I saw a white woman (caucasian, not a ghost) on the seat and was smoking. To be honest I never saw her alight from any train (I was at the platform, remember?) but she said she just got down from a train. I asked her if this place was abandoned, she took a huff and said “no” in the creepiest way you can imagine. I couldn’t look directly into her eyes because my glasses were getting misty and she had dark circles which made her look ghostly. Then I turned around and I saw two nice Indian lads and I asked how one can get a taxi around there. Highway, they said. So I sniffed (quite embarrassing) and thanked them and braced myself to walk down that dark hell of an alley again. This time I took my glasses off because they were getting too blurry. I made my way up to the side of the busy road again, alhamdulillah. But it was 7.15pm. Impossible to tell from the glare of the headlights if it was a taxi or a normal car. I tried for a good 5 minutes and gave up. I stood on a higher ground and made some calls. No one answered their phones. I called Teacher Aizan, Ezzah, Sakeena, Mubina, my mom and brother Izwan (the only guy I know who MIGHT still be at the office. And tbh I dont know any more guys here in KL. I cant even call my dad- he’s in Singapore! How would he help me? I finally got through Teacher Aizan and I explained to her my situation. I also told her I can see Midvalley. She told me to walk towards it and and then when things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, my credit ran low and I couldn’t make any more calls. I found myself sobbing on the side of a very busy highway and being half blind I couldn’t see anything. I can’t believe she told me to walk towards it! It was a very busy highway and it’s far away. I could see it as a landmark, yes. But I had no clue how to get there and what I would do when I do get there. I thought that’s it- no one’s going to return my calls and someone would find my lying on the side of this road the next morning. I was in so much despair and my head started to hurt and guess what I heard. The sound of the KTM! I turned back and saw the glorious KTM leaving me. I was beyond devastated. No money, no credit, no transport. I was doomed. FINALLY,finally, Mubina called back and as I was talking to her, I managed to flag a taxi with my other hand and IT STOPPED!!! It was so so grateful and happy and I told the driver if he could send me to any LRT station. I was crying by the time I talked to him. I couldn’t help it- I just broke down into tears. The last time I cried like this was when I was in primary 1 when I missed my school bus and an Indian woman called ‘Ms. Gopal’ from my Pasir Ris neighborhood sent me home. So I got into the cab and mom called me and she asked for the cab’s license plate. I had no choice but to read it out loud- not once, but several times because the line was breaking. When I hung up, I said, ” *sniff* sorry ah uncle, just for.. uh.. *sniff* documentation purposes.. *sniff*” (LOL DOCUMENTATION WHUUT). Anyway, I poured my whole life story to this Indian cabbie (you must know by now how much I LOVE Indians) who was so patient and kind. I told him how I’m unfamiliar with the KTM and that Seputeh was abandoned, and that I was sad that my collegue left me there. I told him so much that I didn’t realise the fare was a whopping RM21! I had only RM18 with me and I had to shamelessly ask him if I could pay him RM15 so that I have RM3 to take the LRT home. I took down his number and promised I’d make arrangements for the balance to be paid to his bank account. He couldn’t drive me all the way to Wangsa Maju because of the crazy traffic. So alhamdulillah. I never walked into a place so bright as KL Sentral looking like a haggard lost/homeless puppy before. But surprisingly I couldn’t care less. I was walking with my jeans rolled up to my ankles (because of the rain) and with my hijab all over the place and my runny nose out of control, my glasses as misty as ever. I couldn’t careee I just wanted to go home to safety, to my family. I almost head-butted a tourist. Didn’t feel the need to say sorry- I just walked on. Bought my token to Sri Rampai and got on the train and started crying again but smiled inside because the LRT was a much familiar sight. I sat down and leaned my head against the glass and started typing this account.Now I lay in my bed. I just ended a 36-minute call with Sakeena. Alhamdulillah for getting home safely.Many thanks to Teacher Aizan, the Shafqat Ali sisters and my mom.p/s: I don’t dare look up for Seputeh KTM station. I’m afraid that I might find out that it is actually not operating anymore for over a decade at least. YIKES! Sorry if I offended anyone. I am a typical Singaporean who is used to efficient public transportation services. (I dont intend to brag, wallah. This is the truth. You wont find stations gated from road users nor abandoned stations with shacks as ticket counters.) I am also an unusually paranoid individual, so I’m an exception to the general kiasu public of Singapore. Just how paranoid am I? That’s for another post next time!

The flight of stairs on the left leads to the overhead bridge and the one on the right is where the shack is i.e. where I had to sneak in from before coming out to this open space. It was 7pm so the lights they just went on. When I climbed the stairs, the lights had not yet been turned on.



3 thoughts on “Terrifying evening at Seputeh train station.

  1. I was scared that something bad would happen to me so I started recording. I documented everything and talked about how I got there and stuff.

    LOL! This is I think the second longest story of yours that I read since the cutting of your finger one- the chopsticks thing.

    • OH HI THERE!!

      I remember you! and err yes, that chopsticks incident :( Had to undergo a surgery. Man I thought those days were over. My life has since shown no signs of turning into accident-free anytime soon lol

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