You need a slap. In the face. With a blog post.

There are a million and one things that can sit and rot in my drafts box, but not this. I would LOVE to have this posted on Facebook, but it might take a while before I decide if anyone should get offended. But then again, that is the whole point of the status/post. I will post this up on FB when I decide that it is the right time to do so inshaAllah. In the meantime, those who go here can or might benefit from this virtual slap in the face. Provided that you are a Muslim brother, that is.

I might get ignored or hated after posting this, but hey, someone’s got to say this. Men who are obsessed with the veil, to the extent that it is all they talk about or share or contribute their thousands of Likes to the pictures of women in niqaab, each have a role in sexualising the veil. Just stop right there, brother! I have learned and understood that apparently, the mind of a grown man works quite differently than a woman’s. Anyway. I see pictures of my veiled sisters and it has like, 70,000 Likes and it makes me uncomfortable. Surely they donned the veil to be respected and covered from the eyes of non-mahrams. If you are interested in a sister who wears one, and all you ask about is how she looks like under the veil, you’re not in the least someone she’d want to consider. Not once have you asked about her knowledge, her skills, hobbies/pastimes or world views. If the veil is what attracted you to her, and not her piety, then anyone can easily liken you to a person who is only attracted to physical appearance. A normal guy. Who doesn’t stand out. Or even strike us as someone who respects women at all. Also, do us a favour.. check where you stand in comparison to the sister whom you’ve enquired about. Do you expect her to lead you or the other way around? Think. Don’t make a fool out of yourself. You’ve seen how you conducted yourself. And you’ve seen how she conducts herself. “And women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity” [Surah An-Nur :26] Sigh. Man up, brah.

Me- the whole time writing this post, basically:

If I were a niqaabi, the only picture of myself that I’d like to be etched on the minds of these kind of guys *puke* is this: The one with a sword.

Thank you. I hope I killed some of your brain cells. Wasn’t that mind-blowing, brother? *evil smirk

Don’t sexualise the veil. It wasn’t made to be adored. Nor was it made as a tool to symbolise some sort of mysterious kick-ass ninja woman. Why put our knowledge and piety aside? Why fall in love with the cloth that covers our heads and not what it is in our heads?

You THINK you’re respecting women. We find it derogatory and disgusting. Allah’s command of lowering the gaze did not come with the fine print “..except for women who cover from head to toe”, you know. You have a lot to learn. So do I. So do we girls.

Religion > Looks/Wealth/Status/Family. Perhaps you have mistaken the veil for religion, that you don’t feel the need to ask about it? Assumptions are a scary thing, brother. Get real.

Yours truly, your sisters in Islam.


9 thoughts on “You need a slap. In the face. With a blog post.

  1. Salaam to you :)

    Might I just add that, “al-wiqoyah kheyr minal ‘ilaaj” which means, prevention is better than cure.
    So in this case, both parties have to play a part. You have done an incredibly excellent job in portraying measures to be taken by those believing men. *thumbs up!*

    What about the sisters?
    “where there is action, there must be reaction” .
    Whether it is the way the sisters donned their hijab or the way they pose, something must have intrigued the brothers.

    Hence, to all sisters out there, do be careful. To be safe, you may want to post pictures of sceneries, quotes, etc. These are just measures to protect us.

    Just my thoughts. Thank you Yasmin for conveying such a thought-provoking post. May Allah bless you. :)

  2. As a man, I fin this article refreshing and interesting. Thanks for reminding, will try to respect woman more from diff perspective.

  3. Salaam, It is nice to see a different perspective on what goes on around us everyday.. I also try to write on issues that people around me misunderstand.. i hope you find this beneficial insha Allah

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