My first article in Mercy Mission Malaysia’s Newsletter!


It’s called ‘The youth and their perception of Death’. To read the whole article, click here.

It’s not one of my best.. but yeah you can read it. If you’re bothered, please know that in the article, I had said that as I started to think of death more often, I knew I had to be growing up, not “I knew I had to grow up”. There’s a big difference there. To me, part of what defines a grown up is when he learns the reality of death. So, I had to be growing up then when I was learning about death. (It may have been a mistake or whatever. Just wanted interested readers to have a clearer idea :)

Let me know what you think. Does it look out of place in the whole newsletter? Was the topic a little weird? My writing was sooo off. At least I felt like it was. It was rushed, I have to admit. I had the points in my head, just that I didn’t articulate them well enough. But at the end of the day, I would just be grateful if one person has benefited from it greatly. That would mean a lot inshaAllah.


2 thoughts on “My first article in Mercy Mission Malaysia’s Newsletter!

  1. It was really good. I’m glad you cleared up that you knew that you were growing up instead of you knew that you had to grow up. The fact of the matter remains the same though, death and how we think of it. Thank you for writing about it simply for people like me. May you be rewarded for helping teach another person, like me, on remembering death more often than I should. I do have a question, will it be abnormal or out of norm if the death of someone who was close to us did not affect us like it should..I mean like what if we don’t shed tears for them even though they’re gone and nothing but dua can help them but just what if…I’m just curious as I had never had experience a death of someone close to me yet…
    You write really good with a knowledgeable point of view.

    • Thanks for the comment! At times like these, I am at a loss for words :| Death is one topic that NEEDS to be discussed from a personal point of view, I guess. May we all be guided to the straight path. That is all :) Thank you again

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